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Shield Aer

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Triad Shield Aer is Triad Aer's newest product, designed with the latest technology for your personal protection. It is particularly important to protect yourself when the ambient air is harmful. Heavy air purifiers cannot be carried around all the time, so Triad Aer has developed a new solution.

The Shield Aer can be taken anywhere to protect yourself from the harmful air in the environment. It can be worn as a necklace or pendant or attached to a shirt or blouse.

Pollutant particles will bounce off the Triad Shield Aer as it creates a protective shield around you. It creates a sufficient space of 1.2m in which you can breathe healthy air. The Shield Aer has a high purification capacity that cleans the air instantly.

Advantages of the product

For anyone who is susceptible to external allergens and pollutants, dust, smoke and odors, the GoCar Aer is a great companion.
It is also good for people with asthma or bronchitis because it ensures that they breathe healthy air at all times.
The Shield Aer is also effective against any other type of respiratory disease and can therefore be worn by anyone who wants to keep themselves healthy and fit.

Is this product suitable for me?

  • If you want to be safe whenever and wherever you travel, then you should definitely have the Triad Shield Aer air purifier with you.
  • It offers you a space of 1.2m to breathe the purest air.
  • The Shield Aer can be worn at any time and thus add your own style.
  • The Triad Shield Aer Air Purifier is rechargeable, low maintenance and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Triad Aer compare to other air purifiers on the market?

Unlike most air purification systems that require the contaminants to be brought to the device, called passive devices (like a filter), the Triad Aer Air Purifier is proactive, seeking out and destroying all contaminants in the air. The Triad Aer Air Purifier attacks pollution at its various sources throughout your interior space, including your breathing space and even on surfaces. The Triad Aer cleans literally everywhere the air goes - reducing particles, breaking down dangerous gases and inactivating bacteria and viruses. In summary, the Triad Aer utilizes one of the most advanced and effective technologies ever discovered, resulting in cleaner air and happy customers who breathe and live better.

How does the technology work?

The Triad Aer Air Purifier uses three different technologies to remove pollutants such as thousands of volatile organic substances (VOCs), airborne allergens, dust, air pollutants, odor-causing compounds, bacteria, viruses, particulate matter (dust/dandruff), and more in the indoor environment, dismantle/destroy. These technologies include:

  • two types of ionization (pulse and needlepoint)
  • photocatalytic oxidation (PCO)
  • activated oxygen
Where should I place the Triad Aer air purifier?

It is best to place it as high as possible in the most used area of ​​the home. A good choice would be, for example: B. in the living room on a bookshelf.

How do I determine which mode to use the Triad Aer air purifier in?

More is not necessarily better when it comes to air purification. The goal of the Triad Aer Air Purifier is to create natural purification like we find in fresh mountain air. Always initially set the air purifier to PCO NORMAL MODE. After the first week, try the HIGH MODE setting at 250 ft2 as long as the room the air purifier is in is not smaller than 250 ft2. After a few more days, gradually increase the square footage up to the area of ​​the environment to be treated (NOTE: Do not exceed the square footage of the enclosed space. Do not count rooms enclosed by doors or other areas where air is not free can flow between the rooms). If at any point you feel like the cleaning is too much, reduce the square footage. You can even return to PCO NORMAL MODE if you are not comfortable with the lowest setting in HIGH MODE.

Why is the Triad Aer air purifier more expensive than other air purifiers?

Note that the Triad Aer Air Purifier features one of the most advanced standalone air purification technologies available. Other similar types of air purifiers that are not as effective often cost two to four times as much as the Triad Aer air purifier. HEPA filters can cost up to $1,500 over a five-year period. The Triad Aer Air Purifier delivers results by dramatically improving the quality of your indoor air, for much less than other systems available.

Is the Triad Aer air purifier harmful to people and their pets?

No. The Triad Aer air purifier is completely safe when used according to the recommendations in the user manual.

Is activated oxygen (ozone) dangerous or harmful to people and/or pets?

Activated oxygen (ozone) is 100% safe for people and pets as long as ozone levels are not extremely high in a small, limited area. Ozone is a natural element that occurs almost everywhere (outdoors and indoors) and is emitted by most electronic devices (including computers). The Triad Aer Air Purifier is completely safe when used as recommended and not in extreme conditions (e.g. setting the device to 3000 sq. ft. mode or "away mode" while sitting in a 50 sq. ft. for weeks bathroom or a small closet). Although ozone is a controversial topic, few people know the facts. The fact is that the EPA invested $1.5 million to prove that ozone killed millions of people. After exhausting its resources and millions of dollars, the EPA was unable to find anyone who had experienced any long-term health problems related to ozone. Additionally, during these studies, the EPA tested enormous amounts of ozone on animals in small areas for months, and again, the EPA found NO long-term negative effects on the animals' health or their organs. Triad Aer's air purifiers adhere to EPA-recommended ozone levels while taking advantage of the many benefits ozone provides, including eliminating odors, bacteria, viruses and more. It is an extremely effective way of air purification that removes many contaminants. Additionally, one of the great features of the Triad Aer is that the device emits 0 (zero) ozone in PCO mode, allowing customers to take advantage of the other technologies in the Triad Aer while having the option to use the device with or to operate without ozone. In summary, ozone is safe and beneficial and these statements are supported by a variety of research.

How much ozone is released by the Triad Aer air purifier?

When used in PCO or NORMAL MODE, no ozone is used in the cleaning process. In HIGH MODE, when the air purifier is set for the area being treated, ozone levels are typically 0.1 to 0.3 PPM, well below the safe and "natural" level set by the EPA. It is important to set the square foot setting based on the ventilated space (where air can enter) and not the total square footage of the home.

What happens to the particles that are removed from the indoor air?

The two forms of ionization in the Triad Aer air purifier cause ultrafine and larger particles to become negatively charged. Since most particles in the indoor environment are positively charged, the particles attract each other and clump together. This causes the particles to gain mass and either be drawn into the HVAC filter or fall to the floor where they must be swept up or vacuumed and disposed of.

Can the Triad Aer air purifier be used in a smaller area?

However, if the device is used in a small room (up to 250 square meters), it should be operated in PCO or NORMAL MODE. In rooms with an area of ​​more than 250 square meters, the device can be operated in HIGH MODE. (NOTE: Do not exceed the square footage of the enclosed area. Do not count rooms enclosed by doors or other areas where air cannot flow freely between rooms).

Does Triad Aer require maintenance?

Yes. The device should be cleaned regularly (usually every few months). A small mesh plate and the rear filter must be cleaned according to the instructions in the user manual. Most customers find this to be very easy and quick. This is one of the best parts of using the Triad Aer Air Purifier. In particularly dusty or smoky environments, we recommend using an additional pre-filter to protect and keep your Triad Aer clean. The PCO cell (UV lamp module) must be replaced after reaching its recommended service life.

Can a Triad Aer air purifier cover the entire house?

Yes, in many cases it is, but of course this depends on the size and layout of the house and how bad the air pollution the Triad Aer has to contend with. The device can benefit and be more effective if it is placed so that after cleaning a large area, the purified air is reabsorbed by recirculating the air and can be distributed to other parts of the house through the duct system. The Triad Aer is designed to treat up to 3,000 square meters in "normal environments" .

Can the Triad Aer be converted? (To avoid using multiple units.)

Yes, the device is handy. This is one of its great qualities. We recommend that you place the device in the location in your home where it will be most effective. Typically, the unit is mounted high in a family room near the kitchen. However, from time to time you may have a reason to temporarily move the device somewhere else to eliminate odors.

Does the Triad Aer air purifier have to run all the time?

The Triad Aer is designed to be left on 24/7. This allows the device's advanced technologies to maintain a clean environment without having to catch up every time the air purifier is activated. Even if you are away from home for an extended period of time, you should leave the air purifier on to reduce bacteria levels that often occur when a home is closed for an extended period of time.

Since the Triad Aer Air Purifier uses an ionizer, will it result in a black or gray wall?

No. The Triad Aer Air Purifier's ionization technology projects the ions outward at the front of the air purifier. As long as the device is aimed at the center of the room, there should be no black or gray wall. The black/gray wall occurs when ionizers negatively charge the walls, attracting particles. However, because many of these particles fall to the floor, they must be swept up or vacuumed and disposed of. So this shouldn't worry you at all.

How long is the lifespan of the PCO cell (UV lamp module)?

The operating life of the PCO cell is approximately 9,000 hours.

How big is the Triad Aer air purifier?

30cm high, 23cm wide, 30cm deep

Do OH molecules have a smell?

No. Although some people may detect a slight metallic odor associated with the photocatalytic activity, this odor is not the result of OH molecules.

What if the PCO light in the unit does not illuminate when the Triad Aer Air Purifier is turned on?

First, make sure the outlet has power and the green LED indicator on the external AC/DC power adapter is on. Then check if the air purifier is turned on and the fan is running. Next, check whether the PCO cell is plugged in correctly. To do this, you need to remove the rear grille and filter and make sure that the PCO cell plug is firmly seated in the socket. If the device still does not work, contact customer service.

How many positive and negative ions does the Triad Aer air purifier produce?

The Triad Aer air purifier produces only negative ions, around 1.5 million ions/cm³ at a distance of 1 meter. Since most indoor contaminants are positively charged, adding negative charges attracts particles that clump together and then fall out of the breathing space.

How are negatively charged ion molecules captured after they attach to the positively charged molecules in the atmosphere? Is there a mechanism that makes this possible in the Triad Aer air purifier?

During ionization, the negatively charged ions from the device travel through the home and attract positively charged particles. This process is called agglomeration. The particles become larger and heavier and fall onto surfaces, e.g. E.g. furniture, table tops, counters, floors, and are removed through normal cleaning procedures (sweeping and vacuuming). Because these particles are heavier than air, they are not released back into the air. There is no mechanism inside the device to capture these particles other than the rear filter, which is primarily responsible for keeping the device itself clean.

Does the Triad Aer Air Purifier oxidize metal or rubber products?

The cleaning oxidants that the Triad Aer Air Purifier produces when operating in NORMAL MODE or when properly set in HIGH MODE are not distributed to a level that will affect metals, plastics or rubber parts in your interior. Using AWAY MODE (to be used only when there are no people or pets in the room) creates an ozone level that helps disinfect the room. Continuous exposure to elevated ozone levels can cause degradation of natural rubber products and oxidation of metal. For this reason, use of AWAY MODE should be limited to two to four times per month with a maximum of two hours per session.

Shield Aer
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