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Who is THE ROOT Brands & Dr. Rahm?

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Who is Dr. Christina Rahm?

Dr. Christina Rahm has an extraordinary mind combined with a passion for wanting to help other people. Her Native American and Eastern European heritage influenced her approach to health and wellness in addition to her diverse education at world-renowned Cornell and Harvard universities.

Dr. Rahm holds master's and doctoral degrees in rehabilitation counseling, psychology and strategic sciences. She completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard University in biological sciences and nanobiotechnology and received awards in nutrition and pharmaceutical management from Cornell University.

She has worked as a medical clinical research scientist in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and biotechnology industries for Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen Idec/Biogen, UCB, Bristol Meyers Squibb and Alexion. She has also worked on corporate sites for Pfizer, Biogen and Janssen and is currently Chair of the International Science Nutrition Society and Chief Science Officer for ROOT Wellness.

Dr. Rahm has served as a developer for several companies and manufacturing labs, including her own. She has developed several proprietary formulas and trade secrets.

Dr. Christina Rahm has 10 patent pending technologies and 5 confirmed patents.

Her international book "Cure the Causes" has already been translated into 26 languages ​​and she has 12 more books in the pipeline.

Over the past few years, she has built a personalized and predictive consulting business working on environmental, DNA and detox wellness plans, among others, that help clients reshape their bodies and minds to be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically restored .

Dr. Christina Rahm is now an internationally sought-after scientific leader, speaker and innovator in the field of health and wellness. She travels the world to lecture and educate the private and public sectors about the bold new world of nutraceuticals, wellness strategies and environmental solutions. Among other things, she has given lectures for John Hopkins Continuing Medical Education.

Dr. Rahm is known for speaking from her heart with honesty, integrity and down-to-earth wisdom. She believes that it was not her successes, but her failures and especially her illnesses that put her in the position she is in today to best serve others.

In addition to her professional and academic achievements, Dr. Rahm is very proud to be a mother of four children as well as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and survivor of serious illnesses.

At 19, she had Lyme disease and temporarily lost her memory. She had a brain tumor, a spinal tumor and several types of skin cancer. Dr. Christina Rahm even lost her own children to cancer.

All the blows of fate, the academic, professional, spiritual, emotional and instinctual discoveries at every stage of her life have left an incredible mark on her. Dr. Rahm has vowed to herself, her family, friends and colleagues to help people around the world find their path of self-determination that leads them to healthy, happy and productive lives.


The patents of Dr. Christina Rahm

Dr. Christina Rahm has 10 patent pending technologies and 5 existing patent technologies.

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