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Pineal gland - mini power plant for the day-night rhythm and spiritual sensory amplifier

Texture and fit in the human body

The pineal gland looks like a small pine cone, which is where the name “pine” comes from. It is also called the epiphysis and is five to eight millimeters long and three to one millimeter wide. The endocrine gland can be found in the epithalamus of the midbrain, here on the back. Active cells of the glandular organ are neurosecretory and are responsible for the synthesis of day-night hormones. Other cells are the glial cells with support functions and electrical insulation between nerve cells. Malfunctions arise from hormonal changes as well as pollutants and toxins in the surrounding air and food.

function of the organ

Incoming light stimuli in the pineal gland stimulate the conversion of the waking hormone serotonin into melatonin. This sleep hormone regulates the natural day and night rhythm, i.e. whether a person is awake or tired. The more light the gland reaches, the less melatonin it produces. As soon as it gets dark or you are in a poorly lit room, more melatonin is released. An imbalance in this rhythm is known, for example, from jet lag with a time difference and a changed day-night rhythm. Healthy pineal gland function is important for the regeneration of cell damage. Likewise, the aging process occurs more slowly when the pineal gland functions healthy than when calcification increases. If there is no other psychological or organic cause for the current sleep disorders, calcification of the glial cells may have set in and slowed functionality.

Spiritual Meaning of the Pineal Gland

The location in the human brain makes the gland an important key to spiritual development. It is also referred to as the “third eye” (Ajna Chakra) of sensory perception. The moment of “awakening” in a spiritual context only occurs when the gland is properly activated. For example, empathy and joy in life are developed through increased environmental awareness. The production of dimethyltryptamine (DMT, the body's own psychedelic) in the pineal gland is still insufficiently researched, but is already suspected. DMT has a perception-enhancing effect and can trigger mild hallucinations. The quick way to activate is psychoactive substances. However, risky health side effects occur that hinder true spiritual development or even make it completely impossible. The right way to activate the pineal gland is to get rid of calcium deposits. This takes longer, but is a reliable cleaning in the long term.

Influence of pollutants & toxins

Medical researchers identify fluoride as the main pollutant that accumulates on the gland walls. It forms a dry calcium rim around the small gland filled with water, which becomes increasingly thicker and harder as the deposits continue to build up. Fluoride has now become an integral part of the diet. It is found in table salt, mineral water, many foods and toothpaste. Other foreign substances include toxins such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar and invisible sources of damage, electrosmog. All of this hardly harms an intact gland, but does more damage to a calcified one. The more your lifestyle is filled with the above-mentioned pollutants, toxins and adverse influences, the more likely it is that you will experience reduced functions as you get older or even earlier.

Activate the pineal gland by changing your lifestyle and diet

Even if people assume good vitality, they can activate the pineal gland and thus significantly improve their perception. These measures are useful in everyday life to activate before, during and after descaling:

  • Light activation: A quarter of an hour of exercise or spending time outdoors every day sends many light signals to the gland, which then becomes more active in producing and converting hormones.
  • Fluid activation: Sufficient water in the body flushes out toxins through the kidneys. These – including fluoride – cannot then adhere and therefore cannot impair function.
  • Nutritional activation: Fruits and vegetables with bitter substances are good for digestion and promote the detoxification function of the liver. Herbal dietary supplements containing bitter substances provide additional support.
  • Mental Activation: The vibrations from singing and listening to music stimulate the gland and other body organs. Controlled breathing with light tapping on the forehead between the eyebrows has the same effect.
  • Movement activation: Special yoga exercises are particularly suitable for activation. Yoga centers and yoga teachers can teach beginners how to do this.

Detoxify the body to decalcify the pineal gland

A balanced body detoxifies automatically. This has a lasting anti-aging effect for all body cells. But in modern everyday life there is often not enough time, or there is a lack of attention to the many little things that support constant detoxification. The following are particularly helpful:

  • Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach
  • For breakfast, drink smoothies (preferably green ones) before or after the meal
  • When caring for your mouth, also clean your tongue and pre-clean your teeth with oil pulling two to three times a week
  • Alkaline diet as a detoxification treatment four times a year for a few days
  • Incorporate enough exercise in the fresh air into your daily routine for better blood circulation