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Article: Guest contribution from LAGOM by Carlsson: Naturally detoxify with fasting

Guest contribution from LAGOM by Carlsson: Naturally detoxify with fasting

Guest contribution from LAGOM by Carlsson: Naturally detoxify with fasting

When I tell people that I'm fasting, they always look at me surprised and say, "What, you're fasting? You don't need to do that." Of course, fasting makes you lose weight; fasting is the ideal introduction to a diet and lifestyle change.

Are all people who fast fat?

I have been fasting regularly for almost 15 years and, as a fasting leader, I accompany hundreds of people every year on the so-called "fasting for healthy people". And very few of them - who would have thought it - are really fat. But why do these people fast? The main reason is usually detoxification, but also health promotion, a reset and a break from everyday life.

Why can you actually detox so well with fasting?

A period of fasting stimulates the body's self-cleansing process. Autophagy (ancient Greek for "consuming itself") plays an important role in this detoxification process. Incidentally, the Japanese Yoshinori Ushumi received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2016 for this discovery. An endogenous recycling program ensures that damaged and deformed proteins and cell structures are broken down and disposed of.

Therapeutic fasting is more intensive than interval fasting!

In principle this cellular "garbage disposal process" takes place continuously around the clock, with the long-term fasting (starting from five days) it comes however particularly well on speed. With interval fasting, which many know and practice, usually only 16 hours a day or two days a week nothing is eaten (16:8 and 5:2 method). Here the autophagy is less intensive than with the five-day to three-week welfare fasting according to Buchinger.

With this classical fasting version with water, tea, broth and juice, in addition to increased autophagy, other health-promoting processes are also set in motion, such as inflammatory processes and oxidative stress are inhibited, factors that promote tumor growth are dampened, and the entire metabolism works more energy-efficiently, i.e. pure prevention.

The liver is the most important detoxification organ

But back to detoxification during fasting: our body has a sophisticated system for metabolizing stressful and toxic substances in the liver and kidneys and excreting them via stool, urine, skin and respiration. The organ with the greatest metabolic capacity is the liver. To support the liver in its detox function, I recommend a warm liver wrap or herbal teas, e.g. with nettle, milk thistle or dandelion, every day during fasting. Of course, one should avoid alcohol and everything that puts a strain on the liver.

With sufficient movement and sport, best in nature, as well as relaxation units such as mediations or forest baths a Detox fasting week becomes successful and a special experience.

Hiking fasting on vacation or fasting alone at home?

Both fasting options have their advantages and disadvantages, the right choice depends on the possibilities, wishes and goals of each individual. I will gladly advise you on this. I offer fasting courses and fasting coaching for fasting at home, in person in the greater Augsburg area or as online fasting courses, and that for individuals, groups or even companies. Who takes itself rather a week time out, with the traveling fasting in beautiful hotels in the Allgäu, at the Bodensee or in the Pfalz with movement, Yoga, Wellness, Kneippanwendungen u.v.m. an all around effective, recovering and "metabolism-cleansed" vacation week will experience.

All my fasting events are to be found on or in my monthly newsletter.

Friederike Carlsson

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