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About Us

Walgenbach is more than just a brand. Walgenbach is a promise. Because Walgenbach gives you the assurance of doing a lot of good for your body. And this goodness comes directly from nature, as it provides us with everything we need.

Root Trinity Pack
When selecting products in our shop, the focus is always on the balance between humans and nature. This means primarily vegan products, the finest raw materials, purity of products, and everyday items that sustainably promote a healthy lifestyle. Because at Walgenbach, it's about your health, optimal well-being, perfect balance, and your inner and outer beauty.
That is our commitment, to which we constantly feel obligated by introducing you to a selection of the best health products, combined with our 5-star service.

Partner Companies

Our partner companies are among the most innovative and, in our opinion, the best producers of natural dietary supplements and other health products. On our Walgenbach website, we promote only companies and their products that we wholeheartedly endorse and have absolute confidence in.

The ROOT Brands
The creators behind ROOT never aimed to cure diseases. Their products are designed to help rid the body of toxins and enhance its performance. Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas see their mission as helping people achieve their best possible lives. The goal that led to the founding of ROOT Wellness LLC was to offer cutting-edge premium products that create the best quality of life for the body, mind, and soul: "Some of our patented work follows an anti-aging approach. Our scientific background has made our range one of the fastest-growing nutraceutical lines to date. All driven by the desire to improve people's lives!"

ROOT's philosophy has convinced us and reflects the same values we uphold at Walgenbach. Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas have a clear vision of enhancing people's lives naturally.

4LIFE - The Immune System Companyâ„¢
In 1998, David and Bianca Lisonbee had the vision of making their 4Life Transfer Factor products available to people all over the world. Unlike conventional dietary supplements, 4Life Transfer Factor products were specifically designed to support the immune system. They contain a combination of vitamins (A, B6, B12, C, D), minerals (selenium, copper, zinc), herbs, and the 4Life Transfer Factor Formula. You can always benefit from the science behind each 4Life product, regardless of your lifestyle and overall well-being.

"Research" is already in the company's name (4Life Research), and innovation is 4Life's expertise! When you shop at 4Life, you receive products based on years of research and development. 4Life's advanced laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a high-caliber team of scientists who conceive and develop exceptional products. Each product undergoes hundreds of tests to ensure its effectiveness and quality. Many of 4Life's products are also patented and independently verified by other companies.

 4life Immune System

Who we are and what drives us

Behind Walgenbach is a small team of ambitious employees from various fields with exceptional expertise.

We love the purity, beauty, and power of nature. As Swiss experts, we stand for uncompromising quality, innovative and natural health and lifestyle products that bring people back into perfect balance and ensure optimal well-being.

We work where we feel comfortable and inspired. We collaborate with partners and suppliers who share our philosophy and values just as we do. We are grateful that modern communication technology allows us to work freely and flexibly, no matter where we are on this planet.

It is important to us that our families are a part of our business and continue to be the center of our everyday lives. We want to actively live our lives and not be dictated by external circumstances.

Our work should be enjoyable primarily and follow our purpose. We find fulfillment in being able to help people feel comfortable and healthy and enjoy their lives.

We are not dreamers but experienced businesspeople who think and act economically, because economic success, for us, primarily means the freedom to do what we really want and feel called to do.