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Article: Get out of the toxic world: simple tips for reducing environmental toxins in everyday life

Get out of the toxic world: simple tips for reducing environmental toxins in everyday life

Get out of the toxic world: simple tips for reducing environmental toxins in everyday life

Every year, nine million people worldwide die from chronic diseases caused by environmental toxins. This is the result of a study published in the journal "The Lancet" in 2022. According to the study, reducing these environmental risks could save the lives of 2.25 million people every year.

Environmental toxins include air and water pollution caused by modern industry or conventional agriculture. Consequently, environmental toxins are everywhere, according to US journalist and health couch Amy Ziff, founder of Made Safe, a company that certifies toxin-free products ranging from cosmetics to clothing and furniture.

"Chemicals first, consequences second"

In early November 2023, she gave a talk at the Documenting Hope Conference in Orlando, Florida, entitled "Simple Ways to Reduce Overall Toxin Exposure". During the presentation, she said that around 7,000 chemicals are introduced to the market every year.

However, most manufacturers do not conduct pre-market studies. This means that these chemicals come onto the market without their effects on the environment and human health being known, said the health consultant. According to her, modern society acts according to the motto "chemicals first, consequences second".

Synthetic chemicals are flooding our food, our air, our water and the products we buy. In her presentation, Ziff listed a number of products that are harmful to health:

  • processed foods
  • pesticides
  • PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated chemicals)
  • Plastics and plasticizing chemicals
  • powerful flame retardants
  • contaminated products

Tips for less chemicals in your stomach

Toxic chemicals are therefore omnipresent. In her presentation, Ziff gave some practical tips to reduce toxic exposure and strengthen our resilience. In particular, she discussed how we can absorb fewer chemicals through our food. This includes, among other things:

  • Avoiding chemical ingredients and eating whole foods, organically grown if possible.
  • Eliminate processed foods from the diet.
  • Eliminate processed oils from the diet.
  • Avoid colorings and flavorings.
  • Do not use plastic films and bags, as these can release chemicals into the food.
  • Avoid soft drinks and juices that contain chemical ingredients and processed sugar.
  • Avoid genetically modified foods.
  • If ready meals are used, then those that contain fewer ingredients.

Tips for a healthy diet

  • Eat whole foods (mainly fruit and vegetables) at every meal.
  • If possible, buy organically grown food, as this contains hardly any pesticides.
  • Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables in all colors every day. This gives you a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Soak fruit and vegetables in water with two teaspoons of baking soda to clean them.
  • Filter tap water.
  • Eat raw nuts and seeds without oils or flavorings.
  • Eat mainly fruit and vegetables, as these contain fewer toxins and use fewer resources.
  • Fast for at least twelve hours every night to allow the body to rest and detoxify.

Tips for strong health

Ziff also went into the ways in which you can easily promote and protect your health. These include

Breathing: Deep breathing nourishes the cells, lowers blood pressure and has a positive effect on the nervous system. Breathing exercises also help to reduce stress and improve cognitive function and sleep.

Sleep: Restful sleep strengthens the immune system. While we sleep, the body carries out important healing and detoxification processes. A cool, clean and dark room with no electronic devices is ideal for a good night's sleep. You should also limit screen time before going to bed.

Sweating: Sweating is one of the body's most important detoxification pathways. Regular exercise that includes sweating helps the body detoxify and eliminate chemicals that build up. You should try to sweat every day. Exercise or a visit to the sauna are the best ways to do this.

Meditation: Meditation is a good way to combat stress. It calms the mind, promotes self-awareness and allows you to focus on the present. Meditation has also been shown to lower the resting heart rate and blood pressure and improve sleep.

Connect with nature: Spending time outdoors every day is good for your body, mind and soul. You can connect more with the earth by taking off your shoes and walking in the grass. Gardening is also a health-promoting activity where you spend time outside and connect more with nature and food.

This article does not replace medical advice. If you have any health questions, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

This article originally appeared on under the title: "Reclaiming Our Health in a Toxic World". (edited as).



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