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ROOT Customer and Affiliate Programme

With the ROOT concept, we have created a completely new approach to marketing products that corresponds to the free market economy and today's trends.

ROOT Brands' multifaceted concept is a completely new approach to retail. Customers are the most valuable asset for a company and word of mouth is the best advertising. Customers are used to do what we do best when we are satisfied with products or services: talk about them and recommend them to others. That’s exactly what the whole “ROOTiversum” is about.

Clayton Thomas emphasizes that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself and other people: “We created our system called ROOTiversum to reward social sharing in a way never before possible. It was amazing to watch how our concept first became a process and then a movement.” Outstanding product results combined with excellent compensation for recommendations should amaze the world: “We have mastered show and tell since our time in kindergarten. That's why we're focusing on that. »The founders want to influence other industries to do the same as ROOT: “Take care of your customers and reward them. Then your customers will also take care of you.”

Likewise, the ROOTiversum Dr. Christina Rahm to help and heal the masses: “Health and wellness does not adequately describe what we do. We want to create greatness. Size has different meanings. Ours is health and prosperity.” Therefore, the oldest marketing tradition was incorporated into the ROOTs social marketing concept: word-of-mouth propaganda and social influence are valuable. In fact, almost all people are connected via social media: “For a company, this means investing not in marketing via social platforms, but in its customers because they create the influence and content. As a result, we built ROOT around the simple approach of 'invest in your community'."

And ROOT brings this approach to life: “We view our ROOTiversum as the epitome of the ideal direct sales/network marketing concept. Quality and results plus trust in products or services create movements and monetizing movements creates change. And over time, more and more people will almost inevitably want to be there.” Based on this insight, the ROOTiversum is currently developing into a party of unimagined proportions: “Participation is by invitation only, because that is exactly what the business model is based on, inviting people to our party. Those already joining in the celebration find the ROOT social sharing model more rewarding than anything they've seen before. This is how we as innovators are creating a new world of direct selling!”