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ROOT Prime

ROOT Prime is a loyalty membership program designed to offer customers and ambassadors rewards and special services when they choose to auto-ship (subscribe) their selected products. This takes place every 30 days. Your ROOT Prime membership will be activated upon your first order

ROOT Prime subscriptions (RPS) enabled.

Starting with the second order, you will receive your products free of charge. ROOT Prime subscription orders cannot be more than 30 days apart.

As a ROOT Prime subscriber, you can be sure that you always have your favorite products at hand. ROOT products help people worldwide with solutions that protect their bodies and give them what they need for complete physical health.

ROOT products are designed to work synergistically with each other when used daily to achieve the best results.

We congratulate you as a ROOT Prime member on your commitment to optimal well-being and for your daily work that is necessary for optimal health. Thank you for making ROOT a part of your healthy lifestyle.


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