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Article: The Poisoning of the Central Nervous System by Environmental Toxins

The Poisoning of the Central Nervous System by Environmental Toxins

The Poisoning of the Central Nervous System by Environmental Toxins

One in four children in Germany already has neurological problems when they start school (behavior, dyslexia, hyperactivity, etc.) (Information: overweight, listlessness, etc.)

In the USA it is estimated that one in ten children is still neurologically and medically completely normal (insider information sent to practicing physicians in May 2006 by a government office in Olympia, Washington)

In Germany, the loss of:

  • enjoyment of life
  • memory performance
  • creativity
  • sexual potency
  • Sleep quality

Massive increase in neurological and psychiatric diseases, which according to our own studies are directly related to the duration and dose of EMF radiation exposure

According to our own research, 90% of these diseases arise from the synergistic effect of EMF radiation exposure, metal poisoning, parasite and yeast contamination as well as chronic infections (especially Lyme disease).

Amazing insight from biology: we are not separate from our environment!

The physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual environment in which we grow up and live has a lot to do with how we feel, think, interpret events around us - and how our bodies react to our surroundings.

We are in an osmotic balance in an environment with constantly increasing toxic influences. We are separated from our environment by several semi-permeable membranes: the skin, the lungs, the intestinal epithelium and mucous membranes.

In the long term, the toxicity of the environment corresponds to that in our matrix and cells.

Maintaining a positive gradient is the result of trillions of enzymatic pumps in our cells working 24/7 and consuming huge amounts of energy. This is no longer available for other processes – like going for a walk, having sex, or preparing a meal with friends.

Our system's tolerance to ubiquitous stressors varies from individual to individual and is determined by a number of predictable factors: genetics, epigenetics, lifestyle, political, social and family environment, love, finances, nutrition, exercise, toxic influences, electromagnetic environment, Type of medical care, chance and fate, as well as good and bad luck.

A central question in biological medicine:

How is our central nervous system (CNS) poisoned?

1. Blood-brain barrier only from the 18th month. Before this happens, toxins from the mother's blood or breast milk easily move into the CNS of the baby or fetus

2. The cranial nerves: retrogradely, endo- and ergotoxins from the periphery migrate axonally in the cranial nerves into the brain, bypassing the barrier: mercury from the teeth (half-life: 32 years), thioether from the jawbone, botulism toxin, aflatoxin, etc. from a disturbed one Gut microbiome. Environmental toxins (insecticides, wood preservatives, car exhaust fumes, cabin air, etc.) travel directly into the brain via the olfactory nerve.

3. Electrosmog paralyzes the detoxification enzymes and potentiates the whole thing. Titanium and other mouth metals have antenna functions and concentrate microwave (cell phone) into the CNS

What do we need to know to detoxify our brain?

The brain detoxifies itself via the veins and via its own lymphatic system: the glial-dependent lymphatic system (glymphatic system).

Veins, cerebrospinal fluid and lymph run side by side in the brain and are in constant communication

Lymphatic drainage: via lamina cribriformis of the skull base, from here to the pharyngeal tonsil, then to the palatine tonsil, then to the lymphatic vessels next to the sterno-cleidomastoid muscle, then into the large veins under the clavicle. Any scarring or inflammatory change in this system leads to a backlog of metabolic waste products and toxins in the brain.

Studies published in 2012 and 2013 have shown that the brain actually has a unique method of removing toxic waste. This waste elimination system is now called the “GlymphaHc system” and works similarly to your body's LymphaHc system, which is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products.


Source: Klinghardt Institute -

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