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Article: The Five Levels of Healing by Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PH.D. (Abridged Version)

The Five Levels of Healing by Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PH.D. (Abridged Version)

The Five Levels of Healing by Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PH.D. (Abridged Version)

I developed this systematic healing model in the 1980s and have since taught it to practitioners around the world. This enabled many doctors and healers to better understand their own work and offer their patients better treatment options. There was a lot of lip service paid to energetic and psychological care. Despite this, very few doctors offer practical solutions as a natural and regular part of their advice or treatment. Our patients need care on all levels of our existence. It works. People can truly be cured of their chronic illnesses. To do this, however, they must fundamentally change their awareness of the nature of existence in this world.

We exist in different dimensions – at the same time. The physical body exists within a sphere of invisible etheric bodies that have their own anatomy and physiology. There is a living and deep connection between the different levels. When we die, the physical body is left behind - it is discarded. It seems as if there is a process after death in which the emotional body (second level) and later the mental body are also shed. The fourth and fifth bodies survive. All earlier cultures knew this system and described it with different formulations. The healing system developed from the translation of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (which are believed to be over 10,000 years old).

level 1

The lowest or densest level is the physical body . It's not at the bottom because it's the least valuable. Instead, the physical body forms the foundation on which everything else rests. It is the connection to the earth and the sources of physical energy. The physical body is identical to what we see, feel, hear, smell and taste. It ends at the skin.

Level 2

The second level is the energy body or “ electric body ”. It is not just the sum of all electrical and magnetic events that are caused by the neuronal activity of the nervous system. Most of the somatic and autonomic nerves in the body travel longitudinally along the body, and nerve tension propagates as an electrical field along these nerves. The fields caused by these forces travel into space perpendicular to this axis . Every cell emits biophotons: highly coherent, polarized and “compressed” light. The biophoton field around our body created by light emission regulates most of the metabolic enzymes in the cells. It regulates neural transmissions, neurotransmitter triggers, detoxification and many other body functions.

Level 3:

The next higher body, which I also call the “ mental body ” or “mental field,” theoretically extends into infinite squares (and the two higher levels also extend beyond that). Only mathematicians are able to grasp the extent of the higher levels. Faith , beliefs, views and thoughts shape and organize this level. There is an individual field and a common field (common reality). Rupert Sheldrake gave this level the name “morphic field”. We are all surrounded by our own mental field, which in turn is related to the field of our human species. When we have a diagnosed illness, the diagnosis behaves like a curse: we begin to think, act and feel as if we belong to the people who have suffered from that illness, their families and loved ones in a certain way suffered, as if we were the ones who died. In medicine this is called the “nocebo” effect. It is extremely important to separate a sick patient from the common mental field of his/her illness. The mental field can make you sick but also healthy.

Level 4:

The fourth level is a level above mind and language. It is the home of near-death experiences, past lives, archetypes, spiritual obsessions, ecstatic states, karma and the expression of unresolved transgenerational family issues (=often the real cause of genetic illnesses).

The highest level at which an exchange between doctor and patient can take place is the fourth level. I call this level the “ dream body or intuitive body .”

Level 5

The fifth level is the level of self-healing. I refer to this level as “ mind-body .” The only relationship that exists here is the relationship between the individual and God. The fifth level is the part of God that penetrates us . A doctor, psychologist or guru who claims to be able to help on the fifth level is arrogant, misleading, dangerous and simply wrong. Anyone who has truly experienced this level shows an attitude of deep respect and understanding that this cannot be explained in words.


There are descending influences (trauma from higher level problems causing problems in the lower levels) and ascending influences (the reverse). Healing impulses from the therapist at a higher level can penetrate downwards, but not the other way around. Vitamin C (level 1) cannot change post-traumatic stress syndrome (level 3).

If the doctor does not have tools for the higher levels, he will not be successful with many patients. Each level can have blockages that prevent the healing impulses from the higher level from reaching the physical body.
Every phenomenon we observe in the physical realm also seems to occur simultaneously on the other 4 planes. In fact, the physical body is constructed like a kind of screen that makes the events of the higher levels visible and comprehensible.

However, you may also have problems in the higher levels that have not yet penetrated to the lower levels. This is known in acupuncture, where second-level disorders are uncovered by the practitioner before symptoms appear. In the past, healing must take place either at the level on which the disease originated or at one of the levels above.

Chinese medicine doctors are only paid if the patient's physical body remains healthy. They had to discover and fix the fault on the second level before it could get to the first level!

Proper healing requires working on all 5 levels simultaneously.

An example (based on a real case from my practice):

The first level , the physical body, is the home of orthomolecular and conventional medicine. Let us assume that a young patient has the clinical diagnosis of “anorexia nervosa” (=anorexia nervosa). We know that approximately 85% of these patients have clinical zinc deficiency. Therefore, the actual diagnosis at the first level would be “zinc deficiency”. If she receives zinc supplements throughout her life , she will probably remain reasonably healthy.

Nevertheless, if we look at the next higher level, the second level , the energy body, we might find that she is suffering from a hidden malabsorption syndrome (impaired nutrient utilization, a digestive disorder) caused by overactivity of the celiac sympathetic plexus (resulting in... contraction of the absorbing lymphatics and blood vessels in the intestine). This condition responds well to acupuncture or neural therapy . The patient would begin to absorb zinc from food again and become healthy without zinc supplements. The second level has an organizing effect on the first level.

Now let's consider the third level, the mental field : The young woman may have an unresolved conflict with her father, who was very dominant during her childhood - serious, punitive, critical and perhaps violent. The unresolved memory in her limbic system is the cause of stimulating the hypothalamus and sending sympathetic stress information to the central ganglion, which is now in a state of chronic arousal. Finding and resolving this conflict using targeted methodology, such as applied psychokinesiology (PK), eliminates the problem center in the limbic system. The central ganglion gradually cools down and the patient begins to absorb zinc again - and becomes healthy! The third level has an organizing effect on the second level and therefore also on the first level!

However, without food intake (first level) and without a functioning autonomic nervous system (second level), the patient would not have the energy and functioning memory

The symptom is just the tip of the iceberg. The underlying causes are

  • - mental conflicts

  • - toxic loads

  • - and infections

The iceberg model

that is necessary to remember the past and thus work on the third level in a healing way. Therefore, it is best for the patient to work on all levels at the same time - in this case, for example, also taking zinc during the first treatment period.

Now let us come to the fourth level , the dream body or intuitive body. A typical family constellation for a young woman with anorexia looks like this: Invisible to any outsider, including the children in the family, the father was rejected by the mother and subtly cast out of the family by his wife. The patient, in turn, is loyal to the outcast father and firmly “believes” that if she disappears, the father would stay. Anorexia is a way for the client to disappear. The father's domineering behavior was his way of responding to his wife's rejection.

A cure for this situation can be achieved, for example, through a family constellation in which the child says to the father: “Dear Dad! What happened between mom and you is not my concern. I am just your child. You are the adults. I trust you that you can handle things with mom on your own! Look kindly on me when I stay." And to mother: "Dear Mama. I am just your child. Please look kindly on me as I stand by my father. He is the right and only father for me.”

Healing at this level often leads to the immediate disappearance of the associated unresolved conflicts on the third level, and in this case, to the disappearance of the central ganglion dysfunction and thus immediately to better zinc absorption.

What about the fifth level , the “mind-body”? It would be a good start if both the treating doctor and the patient were grateful for the healing after the physical problem had been resolved. For the client, a corresponding conclusion on the fifth level could be to do something “good” with the newfound hope and vitality , to pray or meditate or perhaps to live a little more consciously .

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